Grounding for jet lag (or anytime!)

The family and I are taking our first trip to Europe together in a couple weeks and my biggest fear is not the plane ride with two kiddos under 4 (although that is high on the list)…it’s the jet lag. I’ve worked pretty hard to get my little people on a steady daily rhythm for numerous reasons. So, I’ve been researching gentle techniques for how to get them adjusted to the new time zone quickly…

Grounding (or earthing) has been around for a while. I try and practice it at least once a day because I notice a significant difference in my own well being, but I recently learned that it’s an amazing cure for jet lag as well! The theory is that our bodies develop a positive charge throughout the day, and it can be dispelled by walking barefoot on the earth, which is negatively charged. Positive energy builds up in our system because we are electrically insulated from the earth via shoes, our homes and cars. This build-up leads to inflammation, which as we all know leads to fatigue and disease. Since the earth is negatively charged, we are able to rebalance our electrical system by physically connecting with it.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most of your grounding experience whether or not you’re battling jet lag:

  1. Damp grass, the ocean or a river are all “wet” and conduct energy at a faster pace. Take a dip in the ocean or river if you’re lucky to live nearby or try practicing yoga in a park.
  2. Grounding is especially effective at resetting our circadian rhythm when practiced with an elevated heart rate in the morning. Make a point to get up with the sun at your new location and go do some jumping jacks barefoot outside.
  3. Bring a friend! Grounding has amplified benefits when done with another organism. If no one’s around, go makes friends with a tree 🙂



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