My favorite healthy LA restaurants & ice cream spots

If you’re on the Autoimmune Protocol (like I am) then eating out can be tricky. Luckily LA is one of the best cities to get stuck if you want to indulge in restaurant food every once in a while. Here are some of my favorite healthy-for-all places that also happen to be kid (and husband) friendly.

  1. Kreation : These guys are famous for their drool-worthy rainbow assortment of cold-pressed organic juices, but they also have amazing food. My favorite AIP lunch off their menu is the tenderloin kebob with a side salad and then a CBD shot to go 🙂 They also have a great grab-and-go section with an array of salads, sides and desserts. The Meltdown salad with chicken is my fav.
  2. Bondi Harvest : This place is tucked into the most random business district of the Sawtelle neighborhood, so you may think you’re lost upon first glance. Keep driving through the parking lot until you see the crowd. This place has an awesome menu with things like Summer Squash Avocado Pancakes (pictures above) and Quinoa Breakfast Pudding. I love the Rainbow Bowl!
  3. Roast : Paleo eating at it’s best! This place serves only grass-fed and pastured meats and wild seafood. You can build your own plate with a meat and two sides which include every vegetable/starch known to man, perfectly roasted of course, or choose from one of their yummy dishes off the menu. Our favorites are the Lamb Burger with Mango-Mint Chutney (in a lettuce wrap), the cuban-style pork loin or the brussel sprout tacos.
  4. A Votre Sante : A Brentwood institution since 1987! This is the place to go if you’re taking your vegan friend, paleo friend and carbohydrate-loving friend to lunch. The mostly organic menu has pretty much everything you can think of to build your own perfectly yummy meal.
  5. Tocaya Organica : Mexican food was something I missed a lot until I found Tocaya. They’ve got great mexican-style stewed meats, vegan cheese made from cassava root and alternative options for tacos like plantain chips or butter lettuce cups. My mouth is watering as I write this…

Places for a grab & go….and “ice cream”!

  1. Soupure : Soupure has saved me a couple time while zooming through Brentwood starving from an extreme kiddie field trip to the Skirball or Hammer Museum. I am a BIG fan of broths for instant nourishment and they make a delicious veggie version.
  2. Pressed Juicery FREEZE : Chances are there is one in your neighborhood. Now Pressed makes a yummy soft serve out of everyone’s favorite green juice. My kids can’t get enough of this stuff…
  3. Kippy’s Vegan Ice Cream : Probably the healthiest (yet still delicious) ice cream on the planet. These guys use only three or four ingredients to make low-glycemic, coconut cream based gelato. It’s pricey, but definitely worth it.
  4. Frozen Fruit Co. : You can choose from around 5 seasonal soft serve flavors made with nothing but fruit. We love the pineapple-passionfruit!

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