Easy Lunchbox Ideas

We’re officially back to school! Making healthy lunches that can withstand being lugged to school and still taste good by afternoon can be tricky. Here are a few easy options that you can whip up in the AM for your little guys. All are vegetarian and gluten-free, but still have enough protein to keep your kids full and happy until they get home.

1. Non-Dairy Gluten Free Pizza Toast

  • Pick a gluten-free loaf from a natural food store or if you’re ambitious, you can make your own! I like this sourdough kit or this almond flour version
  • Toast until just slightly brown.
  • Smear about 1 tbsp organic no-salt added tomato paste onto two slices.
  • Top the bread with 1tbsp Treeline French Style Cheese – don’t spread the cheese while it’s still cool. (You can find Treeline at Whole Foods).
  • Pop back in toaster for 30 seconds to soften cheese. Remove from toaster and gently spread cheese with a butter knife.
  • Sprinkle with 1 tsp chopped fresh oregano.

2. Simple Vegan quesadilla

  • Heat one tsp Avocado or Coconut in a small skillet. Add one brown rice or almond flour quesadilla to the pan. I LOVE the Siete Almond Flour Tortillas, also at Whole Foods.
  • Heat the tortilla until just soft, about 5 seconds on each side (if using Siete).
  • Add your favorite vegan or nut cheese to the inside, fold, press with hands and cut into triangles.

3. Baby guacamole with plantain chips

  • Mash one small avocado with half of a ripe banana and a squeeze of lemon. The banana tones down the distinctly avocado flavor while also adding a bit of sweetness.
  • Transfer to small glass bowl with lid and pack a baggie of plantain chips or your little’s favorite tortilla chips.

(Note: while Avocado isn’t the best source of protein, it does contain 3 grams per cup)

What are some of your lunchbox favorites?

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